My New Favourite Perfume & Cleanser

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My New Favourite Perfume & Cleanser
jobrownefbtimelinecover I wanted to write this blog to let you know about these amazing new products I have discovered, Jo Browne Natural Perfumes & Facial Cleanser. Not only are these products natural and free from the usual fillers and chemicals but the company is a new Irish start-up and I always love supporting local businesses, especially when they have such positive ethos. I first discovered the range when my lovely friend Grainne gave me a gift for my birthday of Jo Browne's solid perfume. I am always on the lookout for natural products so it was a lovely treat especially as natural perfumes are so difficult to source. I had previously been stocking up on a different brand when I would visit the states as I couldn't find any I liked here. I loved it so much that I contacted Jo and she sent me a sample of her newly launched cleanser. I suffer from quite dry skin especially in winter time with the heating in the house being on so much and this cleanser has really nourished my skin. IMG_ow495x Jo Brownes products are very luxurious as every tube is blended by hand and individually hand poured, a process which takes up to 6 months. The solid perfume is handmade from organic beeswax and essential oils so you won't find any of the following ingredients in these products:
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • SLS (sodium laurel sulphate)
  • Artificial colours
  • Lanolin
  • – GMO ingredients
BEST SOLID PERFUME The bamboo tube packaging not only looks really attractive but is natural, ecological and from a sustainable source. It's fab for travelling because all the products are travel-friendly and approved to fly with and have the added advantage of no spills. The tube of perfume fits easily into even a small clutch bag so it’s really convenient.oriental1

The Perfumes

  There are three fragrances available for purchase from the female range of perfumes I hope you love them as much as I do.
  • Floral Note- Lemongrass & Wild Jasmine
  • Oriental Note - Spice Tea & Honey
  • Sweet Note - Citrus & Crushed Vanilla

The Natural Facial Cleansing Balm


I really love this cleanser as it has a very nourishing effect on the skin. This luxurious facial cleansing balm is made with 6 carrier oils and 8 essential oils. This product is 98% organic. The ingredients include Organic Camelia Oil which is considered a "miracle" oil because of its many beauty and healing benefits. It nourishes and revitalises delicate dry skin, strengthens its protective barrier, replenishes skin with vital nutrients and leaves your face feeling silky smooth, soft and supple.   IMG_20171103_094003_219 I love the products so much that I have decided to add them to my select range of "tried, tested and recommended by me" products on my website available for you to purchase HERE *These products do contain beeswax so are not vegan

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