You can make crisps, snacks, biscuits, crackers and main meals that will produce satisfying, tasty, and enzyme-rich foods for yourself and your family in this inexpensive dehydrator. Try my  Sweet potato crisps and Kale crisps they are yummy!.It’s worth the investment just for the crisps alone. Great healthy snacks if you get the munchies while watching TV or sitting at your desk, and these snacks are great for kid’s lunchboxes. 

Crisps that are fried and heated in oils have a terrible impact on our health so it is much better to make you own.  Store bought crisps are usually heated in oils at high temperatures this changes the structure of the oils into twisted molecules called trans-fatty acids.

Two Super Easy Recipes
Sweet potato crisps

These crisps are a great snack to have on hand when hunger strikes. Sweet potato crisps are delicious served with some pesto, hummus or tapenade. They have a low glycaemic load, are rich in vitamin A, and also provide fibre and vitamin C. I find that the minute they are prepared, they disappear quickly, especially when my son Richard is around.

‘This is a scrummy snack that you won’t feel guilty about scoffing.’

  • 2 Sweet potatoes
  • 3 tablespoons of salted vegetable bouillon
  • 1 cup of hot water                                                                   


1. Wash and slice the sweet potatoes thinly, with the skins on.

2. Blend the vegetable bouillon with the hot water.

3. Coat the sliced sweet potatoes in the bouillon.

4. Place on dehydrator until crisp.


Kale Crisps

Kale is one of most the nutrition vegetables there is. It’s versatile in side dishes, main dishes or in salads, but it’s absolutely fabulous for crisps. Kale is also an excellent source of nutrients, especially vitamin A, beta-carotene and calcium. It’s a great immune booster that provides important nutrients for those battling against cancer, heart disease and certain age-related, chronic diseases. Kale is high in fibre which helps create the bulk you need to fill you up.

 ‘If you want to lose weight but still yearn for the salty taste of crisps, this recipe is perfect for you.’

  • 1 bunch of kale                        
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable bouillon                             
  • ½ cup of olive oil          


1. Remove the kale from its stalks.

2. Combine the oil and the veggie bullion. Lightly coat the kale in the mixture and place on dehydrator tray.

3. Dry until crisp, turning once during the drying process.