A Life Changing Trip

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A Life Changing Trip

 My two daughters, Sarah & Julie,  and I  have just returned from a wonderful stay at the Hippocrates Institute. What an amazing two weeks of profound and impactful lectures and therapies. I thought I would write a quick blog to share my experience. I get a lot of questions about Hippocrates so I wanted to give you an idea of what you experience during your stay. When you want to look after your health half the battle is knowing how to and health education is what they do best at Hippocrates. They have spent more than six decades structuring an effective wellness program so you do not have to figure this out on your own. At Hippocrates, you get the education and support necessary to empower you to understand the fundamentals of health, nutrition and your body. The lifestyle training you will receive daily is the ultimate blueprint for you to follow. Giving you the education and information so you can learn how to help yourself.




For the meals, there is an abundance of nutrient-dense, raw plant-based, enzyme-rich foods and drinks prepared by chef Ken Blue. My daughters loved the raw pizza and pad thai dishes. There are hands-on cooking and recipes classes, such as the one above where Julie learned how to make raw sushi in minutes. One of my favourite parts is getting fresh green juice and green algae served a few times a day, it's so refreshing and an added bonus to take a break from making it myself.



There are too many activities and therapies to mention but some of my favourites included the mineral pools, infrared saunas, PEMF therapies, massage, Dance classes, yoga, meditation. These activities help stimulate the immune system and improve blood flow and oxygen levels that help your body detox.  Another important part of the programme is psychotherapy consultations so you can release emotional imbalance, nourish your mind and address the root causes of any current health challenges you may have. IMG_20180802_134006 (1) One of the many reasons I love returning to Hippocrates is to see the incredible changes that can be achieved in only three weeks for the people we meet, you really have to see it to believe it. You get to connect with like-minded, beautiful people on a similar journey. All of this happens in a beautiful, piece of heaven in West Palm Beach, Florida.  When you return home, you will be confident with your new lifestyle and hopefully inspire and transform those you love.  Both of my daughters have said that it is their favourite holiday destination, it really is special. If you need a break where you can look after yourself and your health  I would highly recommend looking into taking a trip. You deserve to feel wonderful, vibrant and healthy. If you have any question give me a call on 018452957 or email me at b@changesimply.com Some more pictures of our stay   IMG_20180802_145157_283 IMG_20180802_145324_819 IMG_20180802_145435_870 IMG_20180728_143711_053 IMG_20180727_224537_804 IMG_20180802_145559_476

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