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Many thousands of people have attended my lectures and seminars, with various health challenges and soon it became apparent to me that it was habits of mind that prevented many people from making the dietary and lifestyle changes that were imperative to recovery. The Survivor's Mindset provides a series of easily understood strategies that assist in overcoming the hesitancies, fears and prejudices that so often are a barrier to making personal change. It equips the reader with common sense information and simple skills. Let me show you how different therapies and interventions can be used to develop personal strengths and overcome doubts and uncertainly. These real stories from real people illustrate vividly how lifestyles can be restructured both physically and mentally. It often takes a crisis to provide the catalyst for change., the Chinese word for crisis wei-ji is composed of the characters for ""danger"" and ""opportunity"".

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The Survivor's Mindset
1099 1699

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