Stevia is a South American herb used as a natural sweetener for centuries. The Japanese people use vast quantities of the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant each year. It is now popular in sodas and sports drinks, as well as tabletop packets as food companies become aware of zero caloire benifit. If you want to give up sugar, cut calories or shed some extra pounds, you can try replacing sugar with Stevia. The drops work well in juices and sauces as they dissolve easily.

Many health advocates recommend agave syrup, or agave nectar, as a healthy alternative to sugar. While this sounds healthy, they don’t inform you that it’s processed, high in fructose, is absorbed as sugar by the body and causes unwanted weight gain. I am very sceptical of alternative sweeteners that are promoted as health foods because they usually promote some kind of fad that can be damaging in the long term.

There are many benefits from kicking the sugar habit. More often than not, losing weight is the main reason that people want to decrease the amount of sugar they consume. While this is a very good incentive, and will reduce the calorie disadvantage of those indulgent sweet treats , I am a realist and understand it may be hard to resist. I also know that if you ban them it makes them more appealing.

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My COnatur Liquid Stevia 60 ml

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