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Safe Sunscreen


"Have you ever checked the ingredients in the toiletries you use?"

When i was away a few weeks ago i was struck by all the people spraying, rubbing and lathering sun creams laden with chemicals onto their skin, I wondered were they aware that many sunscreens, moisturisers, shampoo’s, toothpaste’s, deodorant’s, perfumes and baby wipes contain health-threatening chemicals such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, parabens, PABA and more. Of course if there were tighter regulations on the chemical industry the worst of these chemicals would be phased out and replaced. Remember advertisers spend a lot of money trying to persuade us that their products are a necessity. When you consider the average adult male and female uses at least eight different personal care products each day, from toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, deodorant, cologne and moisturisers. In many cases women use a heck of a lot more of these potentially harmful chemical products. Even baby products contain chemicals that you may not wish to use on your baby. Inside the tubes and bottles of the beauty products that are part of daily life lurks a cocktail of dangerous synthetic chemicals. Some of the problems associated with using these chemicals are neurotoxicity, developmental toxicity, and a weakened immune system. An Australia study revealed that people who used 'sunblocks' were more likely to develop malignant melanomas than those who didn't use them but stayed in the sun only for short periods. As a result the sale of lotions containing SPF30 and over were banned.   lotion

What is the Solution?

The questions are – what sunscreens shield the skin effectively from the 'burning' rays, and how can we avoid the toxic chemicals that are abundant in the pretty packaged jars and bottles that line our bathroom shelves? Well, it is relatively easy to reduce your exposure to hazardous chemicals of these common beauty products you simply buy a safer product. There are lots to choose from. I use the Green People range  which I love.I also managed to find a really nice sunscreen for my granddaughter Ella by Organic Children. It was difficult to source ao I have now made it  available on my site HERE.   sun_2 It is incredibly easy to switch to safe toiletries. You simply buy a safer alternative that won’t weaken your immune system. If you are going to part with your cash you need to know exactly what you are spending your money on and whether the products are safe for you and your family’s health. Educating yourself about the increased risks and finding products that are less damaging is your best defence in avoiding adverse reaction to these harmful products. The manufacturer has a duty to list the ingredients but it’s down to you to check out the harmful ingredients that lurk in many personal care products. Of course very few of us have time to scrutinise and check labels especially if you are confronted with a list of complicated chemical ingredients. There are literally thousands of chemicals used in personal care products these days. Think of the peace of mind you have knowing you and your family are not fast tracking dangerous chemicals into your systems. All in all, it saves a lot of money in the long term on trips to the doctor. It makes real sense to reduce your exposure to the invisible dangers of harsh chemical products. So don’t just keep slapping on the SPF cream, without thinking nothing is more important than you and your family’s health. You deserve the best, as they say,  your worth it!.

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