My Visit to Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida

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My Visit to Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida

 I am finally getting back to normal after two wonderful weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. Although this is my sixth time visiting,  I am always amazed at the incredible stories you hear from people who manage to heal themselves of all kinds of diseases when they clean up their diet and make some lifestyle changes.



The beautiful surroundings, the place is so vibrant and beautiful. A little piece of paradise!

 The Hippocrates Health Institute is of course the perfect place to begin making those changes and to get educated on all aspects of health and healing. The environment is a tropical paradise, a heavenly place to relax and restore energy and health. I was joined by my two daughters, Sarah and Julie and the three of us had such a wonderful break. From the beautiful raw vegan buffet every night prepared by one of the best raw vegan chefs in the world, Ken Blue and his team. 


Birds-eye view of one of the pool areas which includes a salt water pool, a cold plunge pool and a mineral pool as well as a Jacuzzi and sauna. Our evenings were spent hitting the gym and then straight to the pool to soaking in the warm mineral pools, especially at night time where we would chat with other guests and discuss the lovely treatments and lectures we had attended during the day.




Fresh Green Juice as well as Garlic Juice and Ginger Juice, all available twice a day throughout the campus[/caption] All of our health check-ups went really well, I was not only delighted to see my two girls blood work being so healthy but my own was a testament to how this lifestyle really works. After battling cancer twice my bloods were just as good as my two daughters who I have a good few decades on lol. We enjoyed some amazing treatments in the Oasis spa during our stay including facials, massages and, dare I say, colonics.


I mentioned the food earlier but I honestly have to talk a bit more about it. In the morning I had raw buckwheat and a lemon water and then at 10am the green juice is served - It was great to have all my juices made for two weeks without having to clean juicers etc. Then for lunch there is a raw buffet, a juice at 4pm and dinner (another raw buffet) from 5:30 -7pm. The buffet has every type of sprout you can imagine along with lovely fresh in season organic vegetable and then something extra tasty towards the end of the line. While we were there they had a Mexican night of tacos, an Indian night and even a delicious pad thai just to name a few. The taco's were a huge hit with my daughters and they loved the ice-cream night on Saturday where you have a choice of a nut or banana ice-cream, they even went back for seconds.




The beautiful surroundings beside one of the yurts where we attended early morning Yoga classes, heaven![/caption] Along with fresh juicing, delicious raw food, talks and treatments there are also activities everyday from 7am up until 7 or 8pm most days, these include yoga, meditation, strength training, qigong, aqua fitness and lots more. My daughter Julie loved the Kundalini dancing yoga. In my opinion the most valuable part of the about the Hippocrates Institute is the education you received there. Its ok to know what you should be doing to keep your health on track but when you are educated on why these changes are important it all comes together and makes sense which gives you the knowledge you need to push forward. The Institutes guiding principal is to "helping people help themselves" and that's exactly what they do. They give people the tools and education to make healthy lifestyle choices, it is then up to the guests to implement them. Personally I can’t thank them enough for  the education and encouragement I have received over the years. Living this lifestyle for over 16 years has brought so much health and happiness to my life. The Hippocrates Institute has enabled thousands of people, myself included, to improve our health far beyond their expectations. Their enthusiasm for spreading the word about healthy living is infectious.



  We are home a week and I have been receiving pictures of healthy lunches of salads full of sprouts and green juices from my girls which is the best gift of all. For a mum there is nothing more rewarding than to see your children take care of their health. It was lovely to see Sarah & Julie progress so much since our last visit a year and a half ago, I think I'm finally getting through to them lol. My Daughter Sarah made this beautiful salad for lunch the other day and even topped it with her homemade salad dressing :)


My Daughter Sarah made this beautiful salad for lunch the other day and even topped it with her homemade salad dressing :)

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