Easter's Over So Let's Get Back On Track!

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Easter's Over So Let's Get Back On Track!
I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. My little fairy enjoyed her Easter egg hunt in Grandmas and we had a lovely family weekend. My lot are all sick to the gills of indulging in chocolate. As I watched them scoffing chocolate eggs I was thinking, as any mum would, the sooner they are eaten the better. I know only too well the increasing temptations we face on these special occasions. However, knowing what I know about the damaging effects of sugar on the body, I find it very difficult to watch them eat it. Not only will it have an impact on their teeth but foods that are high in sugar can cause so many health issues, never mind damaging their lovely teeth! We all get that sugar is bad for our health, indeed it is often referred to as a sweet poison. Yet, many of us are addicted to this sweet poison. When you eat sugar, whether it’s chocolate, white table sugar, agave nectar, honey, corn syrup, saccharine, aspartame, xylitol or fruit sugar (fructose), you get an instant spike in the glucose level of the blood. Every time you eat sugary foods, they cause an imbalance in your body chemistry. Sugars are like a time bomb ticking within your system because your pancreas must secrete large amounts of insulin to stop blood sugar levels from rising too high. The extra insulin pushes your system into overload, which tends to make the blood sugar levels fall to levels that are too low. When blood sugar levels are too high, this is called insulin resistance and is the main reason why people develop type 2, or adult-onset diabetes. Blood sugars need to be kept in check, to ensure the hormone insulin can do its job, which is to escort glucose out of the bloodstream. Even the so-called ‘healthy sugar alternatives’ can actually increase your cravings for sugar which is all bad news for your health and your waistline. On top of that high blood sugars can also raise the blood levels of oestrogen in the body. If you want to be calmer, more alert, able to concentrate more and get more done balancing blood sugar levels will make a huge difference. So, here are my suggestions to get back on track, support healthy blood sugars and reduce cravings. Chlorella Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Chorella, A single-celled, water-grown micro-algae, is helpful with blood sugar regulation. It is an excellent source of protein that is easily digested and supports healthy blood sugar levels. They can be taken between meals, to reduce cravings.
Eat More Fibre
  • Fibre gradually releases carbohydrates into the bloodstream which helps to regulate blood sugar.
  • Beans, sprouted seeds, nuts, veggies and cereals such as millet, quinoa, oats, buckwheat will give you all the fibre you need.
    11111598_864065930309362_551971836990267789_o Exercise & Sleep
  • Exercise improves insulin sensitivity, so "just do it" as they say, I promise you will feel better. Even try to fit in a 20 minute walk in the evening if you can't make it to the gym. Personally, I love relaxing while doing my yoga in the evenings at home.
  • It may seem obvious but so many of us are not getting enough rest these days with the fast pace of life. Try to get that much needed 8 hours as it helps support the body’s recovery and also stops you from having the dreaded afternoon slump that sees so many reach for the treats in the office vending machine.
Powerhouse Foods
  • Sprouts such as fenugreek, broccoli, and alfalfa sprouts are a great support for healthy blood sugar: Mung, aduki can also be sprouted for additional support. These can both be added to your salad or to your juice for extra nutrition.
 Supplement Support These are some of the supplements I use to support my blood sugar. Essential fatty acids from seeds Chlorella Enzymes COQ10 Vitamin D Magnesium I hope these tips will help you stay away from those sweet temptations. Call me if your struggling. Good luck!!! 01- 8452957

Love, B x

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