10 steps to a positive 2016!

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10 steps to a positive 2016!

A new year brings renewed efforts to drink less, eat better and exercise more. Maybe you have made it through the first week without losing your temper, being, grumpy, overindulgent or even killing a relative. If you’ve made it so far don’t give up try these small and attainable steps to help you stay on the straight and narrow for the next few weeks;  



1. Start the morning with a glass of lemon water. This will aid in digestion, promote the production of bile as well as balancing the bodies PH. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and lemon and sparkling water can be a good substitute for anyone weening themselves off fizzy drinks.




2. Follow up with a fresh veggie juice, it is a super way to get rid of all the Christmas stodge that has built up. It will help clean and hydrate your body as well as nourish it.

Sprouted Salad with Good Fat Dressing


Sprouted Salad with Good Fat Dressing

 3. Include a nice healthy salad each day either for lunch or dinner. Chewing makes you feel full so you won’t be as hungry throughout the day. It will also give you more energy so you are less likely to feel that afternoon slump.

4. Take a little break outside, just 15 minutes in the fresh air can recharge those batteries and blow the cobwebs away.  

minor-differences2 5. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry. Hunger fuelled shopping is disastrous as you are likely to buy anything and everything. Make a list, its good for your waistline and your budget.




6. For the omnivores why not try one night in the week without meat, fish or chicken? It will give your digestive system a rest and allow it to cleanse. You can make a veggie curry, or stew. You have tons of recipes to choose from in my book Raw. After you have mastered one night up it to two and so on..


7. Choose the right time to exercise. New studies are showing that its best for women to exercise after food and men before food. ( http://dailym.ai/1Phgkmz )LifeGive-22-600x600  


8. Take some plant based supplements. Just be aware that there are many supplements on the market these days that have little effect and are toxic. Many people take synthetic supplements without realising that they can do more harm than good. Chlorella is very helpful at balancing blood sugars and detoxifying the body. 9. If you fall asleep every evening in front of the telly change your routine. Make an effort to get an early night at least 3 nights a week. Have a bath and switch off the telly.  



10. Change your mindset, instead of letting little thoughts creep in about how you would love some wine or some chocolate or you are feeling deprived shut those thoughts down by reminding yourself that these things are harmful to your health as well as adding extra calories to your diet. Remind yourself that you have committed to a new year of treating yourself and your body the way you deserve. One of my favourite quotes to get through a week moment is " A year from now you will wish you had started today". As - Oprah Winfrey said “Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.”

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