You can make crisps, snacks, biscuits, crackers and main meals in this inexpensive drying machine that will help you produce satisfying, tasty, and enzyme-rich foods for yourself and your family. I love this machine it is nicely priced and fits conveniently on the countertop if space is short in your kitchen. The food dries evenly throughout the 3 tray area while using an economical (maximum) 600 watts of power. It features a timer with a safety cut-out and automatic reset which gives you control of drying times . It will produce meals for you and your family that are not depleted of the vital nutrients that are essential for a strong healthy body.If you want to lose weight but still yearn for the salty taste of crisps try my kale or sweet potato crisps or join my workshops to see how simple it is to make irresistible food.

2 Year Guarantee

To order you can call direct on 01-8452957
Stockli Dehydrator

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