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This juicer is top quality and at a special price its great value for money. Twin Gear juicers provide the most nutrient-rich juice available from a domestic juice extractor. They are the tool of choice for the serious juicing enthusiast and for those who are using juicing to combat poor health. Boosting your immune system is just common sense if you want to improve your health and combat disease. Real health was not rocket science or complex like we have been led to believe.

Masticating Juicers extract a more nutritious juice, breaking down fruit and vegetable fibres more thoroughly. With a Masticating juicer, juice is also more flavourful and vibrant in colour. If you want to take your juice to work, its best to using a masticating juicer, as there juices can be stored longer with the least amount of nutritional loss. For a good quality juice you want a juicer that minimally oxidizes the juice as its being produced.To order you can call direct on 01-8452957
SKU: Elite
Green Star Elite Masticating Juicer
61500 65800

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