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The Choice

The Choice

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Receive your personally signed copy of my memoir, an ordinary mother's story that will inspire you. In 1988 I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and lost the baby I was the time. Seven years later in the belief that I was free of cancer I had the baby I was longing for. Thankfully Julie was born safe and healthy. But 5 years later the cancer returned in the breast, this was every womans nightmare. I decided to learn why this was happening to me and educated myself. I found that nutrition played a bit part in combatting the effects of this cruel and frightening disease. Read my story and learn how you can improve your health

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Customer Reviews

Review by Kathy
I've read your book "The Choice" and found it extremely helpful as I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last October with 5 lymph nodes affected. No tumours anywhere else and hopefully that's still the case. I've kept off the dairy since last October since finding out about the risks with it and have followed many of your tips and suggestions for healthy meals. Like you I tried to live a reasonably healthy life previously as I thought, but had loads of dairy and exposed myself to a lot of stress, looking back. Not any more!
Best regards and thanks so much for all the effort you've made to help us fellow sufferers and share your knowledge with us.
(Posted on 25/03/2015)
Review by Michelle
You have been an inspiration to me. I'm 42, had breast cancer, reconstruction, chemo etc etc. I was told by the medical profession not to look at the internet and research as it may "scare me"...what scares me more is the fact that if I hadn't stumbled across your book in the library I wouldn't know what I do now!!
I was eating a flake (sponsoring Breast Cancer Campaign) at the time
when I read your message about sugar and cancer! I nearly choked on my flake - the irony!!!
You are a strong and amazing woman. May you continue to live a happy and contented life.
All my thanks (and respect).
(Posted on 25/03/2015)
Review by Avril
Just needed to write to you and thank you for opening up a new world of hope and health.

I came back from our local library and found I had picked up your book, not really aware of choosing it.It is one of those life changing moments when you realise someone has survived the dreaded 'c' word and found a way to new health and understanding of our bodies.

No wonder people flocked to you, our determination to find a way to give yourself back health.What a wonderful family you have and good friends around you - priceless.
I live in a country beach side village on the East Coast of Australia, blessed with beaches and rivers, rainforests and mountains. When we moved here we found there was a dragon boat club training on the local river, all dressed in pink. I joined them as a supporter and never looked back. These feisty women, many of whom have survived mainly breast cancer, have a wonderful outlook on life and have a lot of fun. It took me years to find out which ones actually had cancer, because they didn't dwell on it, but if anyone was down or the cancer reared its head anywhere else, the support mechanism was activated and the love and caring is there. We are now strong enough to race competitively and we like to win!! I have sent them all your web site link and the title of your book so they can be inspired like I am.

We try to grow all our salad and most of our veges and herbs and fruit. The kangaroos like a nibble so we have to net them up.Thank goodness you and your family were generous enough with time and support to help all those people crying out for advice.
(Posted on 24/03/2015)
Review by Rim
My name is Rim . I’m a Tunisian woman aged 35. It happened by chance when I found your book “the choice” on my colleague's desk. I was asking her to find me some books to read as holidays are coming soon ( I’m an English teacher for young learners). She handed me your book ; I read the title and said ‘oh I need a comedy not a drama’…. She answered try this book and you’ll never regret. I took the book home and I didn’t really care about reading it for about a week ; One day I had a misunderstanding with my husband , let’s say it was a quarrel; I went upstairs to my room and closed the door. I went crying for few minutes then suddenly looking to my bedside table, I saw the book, it was as if I see it for the first time. From the first pages I found myself addicted to your story, to your way of writing; to your pain…. I laughed with you, I felt fear like you; I rally shared all your feelings ….

You’re really a wonderful woman . I felt that your family is mine. I didn’t believe that Sarah, Richard or Julie really exist or anyother body or event are true until I found your e-mail at the end of the book.

I decided to follow your ‘change simply’ because I adore fruit and vegetables. Let me tell you that you’re like a hope to everyone who knows you or read about you. And allow me to call you my sister because I feel that you’re like a member of my family. I felt the need to thank you for all you did to every person that you helped.
(Posted on 24/03/2015)
Review by Selena
The Choice

Thank you so much for sharing with us your life story and how you changed your lifestyle, I was looking for the right food/nutrition and was going toward the direction of raw food/ juicing when I ran into your website and knew immediately I was going toward the right direction since I too have cancer for the second time. You have truly Inspired me. , I live in the United States if you come to the States for a seminar please let me know. Selena
(Posted on 24/03/2015)

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