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Transformation Tuesday!


Going through old pictures at the weekend and decided to do a ‪#‎transformationtuesday‬ . On the left I was 43 years old, I had what I thought was a balanced diet. Ate vegetables along with my meat and dairy, treated myself to the odd walnut whip but didn't feel I overly indulged.

Enjoyed my glass of wine but was never a big drinker. Looking back I was doing everything wrong. Unhappy with my weight, my hair was brittle, my skin was always breaking out and I was aging beyond my years. On the right is me last weekend at 60 wearing my 20 year old daughters skinny jeans ! (she was not impressed lol) What changed? At 46 I began my journey of overhauling my diet, getting rid of meat, dairy and processed foods.Turning to a plant based diet, eating lots of organic vegetables and juicing regularly. The excess weight I had never been able to shift disappeared and never came back. My hair became shiny again, my skin began to glow and most of all I was full of energy ! I had put my constant fatigue and lack of energy down to "getting old", at 43!! Now at 60 , 17 years later, I'm always on the go and full of life. Giving up the crap is not easy, I know as I have been there , but the rewards are worth every bit of it. Its not easy looking back sometimes but at least it reminds you how far you have come. Hopefully this will motivate some of you to keep going !

4 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday!”

  • nuala mccormack
    nuala mccormack July 2, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    You look fantastic. !I'm struggling a bit at the moment as I have colitis
    which I had gotten over but just having a flare up.
    I think it's time to change the diet. You've inspired me. .tthank you ☺

  • Bernadette

    Well done that is super progress I am impressed. Take some chlorella if you are struggling with sugar cravings as it balances blood sugars. Keep up the good work.

  • Mary McEvoy

    Bernadette, strange question for you .. but on my mind nevertheless .. you look like from your picture that your arms are nice and toned.. Does a healthy plant based diet help with bingo wings? The flap on mine could power a windmill

    • Bernadette

      Hi Mary,

      :) haha Mary your gas, your comment made me lol. With eating plant based I don't carry extra weight really so I tend to not be flabby around my arms etc. I also do yoga which I think helps tone me up and I lift some free weights at home. hope that helps :)

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