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My Daily Food Diary

A question I am constantly is what do I eat on a typical day so I decided to do a food diary yesterday to give you all an idea of what I eat though obviously this changes day to day as I like my diet to be varied so I don't get bored.

7:30 am - Lemon Water & Supplements

Iced Lemon Water Iced lemon water with home-made reverse osmosis filtered ice-cubes :)

I began my day as I always do with a glass of water and lemon juice, this rehydrates the body and speeds up the cleansing process in the morning. In the winter I heat up the water to make a warm drink but with the lovely weather at the moment I made a nice cool iced lemon water to start the day. I use the drinking water from my reverse osmosis system to drink and also to make home-made clean ice cubes! I live by the motto "cleanse don't clog" in the morning time so I avoid the usual stodgy oatmeals or cereals etc when I first wake up. At this time I take my morning supplements which include B12, chlorella, woman formula and digestive enzymes to name a few. ( I will do a separate blog post soon on all the supplements I take )

8:15 am - My First Green Juice Of The Day

Green Juice Cucumber, celery, sprouted seeds and ginger juice

I usually wait a half an hour or so before I have a green juice. My favourite green juice is cucumber, celery, sprouted seeds and ginger, sometimes I will add in a handful or kale or spinach but I was out of these this morning. I vary the sprouted seeds, my favourites are alfalfa or broccoli sprouts as they are both packed with so much goodness.  I can't function without my juice. I find it refreshing, it gives me such a boast of energy and really sets me up for the day ahead.

10:00 am - My Mid Morning Snack/ Late Breakfast

Bee Pollen On Quinoa Porridge Bee pollen really gives my quinoa porridge a lovely sweet taste

For my mid morning snack/ breakfast I had quinoa muesli, unsweetened rice milk and a sprinkling of bee pollen on top. It's sofilling and takes me right through to lunch without getting hungry.

Around 11am I drank some unsweetened coconut water; I drink lots of coconut water as it is great for keeping you hydrated. I also took some vitamin D and a supplement form of turmeric to help protect my immune system.

12:30 pm - Lunchtime

Sprouted Salad with Good Fat Dressing Sprouted Salad with Good Fat Dressing - Recipe from my book RAW

For my lunch I had a sprouted salad with good fat dressing, recipe is available in my latest book RAW. I also added some hummus. This salad is so nutritious but quick and easy to put together. At around 3pm I snacked on a few raw organic almonds.

5:00 pm - My Afternoon Juice

I had another green juice at 5 before dinner, I had the same juice as I made in the morning time but added some organic spinach as I had picked some up in the shop earlier.

7:00 pm - Dinnertime!

Zucchini_spaghetti I used my spirilizer to get the pasta effect, such a handy gadget!

For my dinner I eat salads a lot but a couple of times a week I switch it up. Last night I made myself some zero carb courgette pasta, using my spirilizer gadget to make the pasta, its so handy and only takes a few minutes! Then I added a tablespoon of organic vegan pesto and that was it, a delicious raw meal in five minutes !

10 pm- Wheatgrass & Bed

photo-4 The only shot you will ever see me drinking lol!

I have my wheatgrass everynight before bed as it assists in cleaning the blood system while you sleep.

Any questions or comments don't be afraid to write them below and I will get back to you :)

22 thoughts on “My Daily Food Diary”

  • Schia

    Hi Bernadette,

    Your diet looks so healthy!! My question is - does it keep you full? I'm one of those skinny minnies that has difficulty putting on weight (and loses it really easily), I always worry that if I went all raw (or close), that I'd end up hungry/losing weight. Thanks for all the inspiration - I love the new book :)

    • Bernadette

      Hi @Schia,

      I always feel full. You will find when you are giving the body the right nutrition you tend to not be as hungry. I don't have sugar highs or mid afternoon slumps like I used to. As for the weight, I lost a lot of weight in beginning (but I needed too). After that my weight has just stayed at what I think is right for my body type. I'm not overly skinny, I still have some meat on my bones but I am only 4 foot 11" so my weight now is what suits my frame. I have stayed the same weight for 15 years. If you find you are losing too much weight you can add things like buckwheat into your diet to bulk up but I think our body when given the right nutrition knows itself what weight suits it. x

  • Jacinta Dowling
    Jacinta Dowling June 25, 2015 at 11:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing Bernadette.

  • Geraldine Morrin
    Geraldine Morrin June 26, 2015 at 4:07 am

    Go girl go ...... Love the new blog !

  • Clare

    What digestive enzymes do you use?
    Thanks for your wonderful site and all your books. I first read The Choice about 7 years ago after picking it up in an airport. Little did I know I would end up getting breast cancer myself a year ago! I do enjoy my new life and diet now and follow all your healthy living ideas.

    • Bernadette

      Hi Clare,

      I use the Livegive HHi-Zyme enzymes. Delighted you are enjoying your new healthy lifestyle, keep up the good work.

      If you need more info on the enzymes feel free to drop me a line on 01-8452957 :)

  • Elizabeth Lowson
    Elizabeth Lowson July 2, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    I would like more information on your foods etc.I It look like id need a juicer and other equipment iin order to make the best use of the way you eat.Iam 63yrs old.I am a recent widow(3 years..i lost my husband of 35 years to cancer)I live alone so although I work ..I am a nurse..i would need to watch the budget!I need more energy!I walk when I can but recently am feeling more tired than usual.Do you hold any clinics?I liv ein Galway County.
    Many thanks,
    Liz Lowson.

  • mary

    hi bernedette,
    very good food. I am 2 stone overweight could I do something slowly to lose this weight.

    • Bernadette

      Thanks Mary,

      I always suggest juicing for people trying to loose weight as well as swapping one meal a day for a veggie salad with some good fat dressing like udos oil with some lemon and garlic as a lot of shop bought dressings can have hidden sugars etc.

      I will be posting lots of recipes etc so keep checking back as they will help keep you on track :)

  • Thilde Devlin
    Thilde Devlin July 2, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    Really appreciate you sharing your magic Bernadette. Love your recipies not to mention all your books!

  • Anne

    Hi Bernadette,

    I loved reading your daily food diary. I'd love to be eating like that but it feels like a long way for me to get there! So I decided to take it one bit at a time and start with healthier breakfasts and more water during the day and then move onto lunches. Dinners are always going to be more challenging because of cooking for the family but first things first. By the time I get to healthier dinners, who knows what will have happened! Did you ease yourself and your family in gradually or how did you move into this way of living /eating? Thats a post I'd love to read and also how you managed to eat like this and feed your family. Thanks and keep up the good work

    • Bernadette

      Hi Anne,

      Great that you are setting a plan in place. Rome wasn't built in a day so all these smaller steps will have a knock on effect. It is a process to let go of different comfort foods etc but trust me it is so so worth it in the end. I will definitely write a post on getting the family on board, trust me I know that struggle only too well lol! For me as I was sick with cancer I changed to this lifestyle fairly quickly but it wasnt all plain sailing, I missed my sugar and butter etc but at the time I was focused on getting better so I felt I had no choice but to get on with it. My eldest daughter Sarah has gone from being a huge dairy/meat lover to a vegan diet, its been a transition and it has taken her around 2 1/2 years to master, cheese was the hardest thing for her, the way I look at it is once you are moving forward and making progress even the smallest changes are a step in the right direction so keep it up and I will be posting lots of content that will help like recipes etc :) I hope that helps :)

  • Suzanne

    Hi Bernadette, I'm wondering, how easy is it to travel with your diet, do you have to bring your own food when you when you travel as it doesn't strike me as food you would find in a petrol station if going on a road trip...

  • Debby Looney

    Hi Bernadette,
    I just wanted to thank you for your book RAW. I got to borrow it by chance from a friend 2weeks ago and I think it will change my life. I am at least 30 kilos overweight and have been on many diets over the years... I turned 40 a few weeks ago and was determined to make a change- and suddenly your book lands in my lap! I immediately went 70%raw, and am finding it okay so far. I like the science behind it. I have one question so far- I read on the net that raw cruciferous plants, kale etc. are thyroid unfriendly, in th a t they inhibit the chemicals the thyroid makes. Have you come across this? Thanks for everything,
    Debby Looney Co.Kerry

    • Bernadette

      Hi Debby
      Nice to hear from you, delighted you are enjoying the book and I hope it will inspire you to keep going with your quest.Yes I am aware of all the talk about kale spinach ect and thyroid issues but there are enormous benefits of eating these veg and 300 studies have shown this. Do you have thyroid problems?

  • deirdre

    Hi bernadette i love your new blog. Ive been following you for a few years now and bought your fab cookbook. Id love if you could do a post on how much of particular foods to eat to meet dietry requirements for iron etc. I have been anaemic for years even though i eat meat (reluctantly) so im afraid ill get worse if i give it up. Also id love some advice on hair dies make up, coffee replacements etc. What products you would recommend. Deirdre ☕

    • Bernadette

      Hi Deirdre
      Thanks for your kind words. I would suggest B12 if you are worried about animea but you can call me on 01-8452957 and I will do my best to help.Coffee replacements try the barley substitutes. I am also hoping to do a post on hair colours so stay posted.

  • Claire

    Hi I have chlorella powder and add that to my juice in the morning is that ok or better to have separate?
    Also I'd love to drink wheatgrass but only have the powder. Do you get it fresh or use the powder?
    Love my juices but need to massively work on my sweet tooth!!


  • Claire

    Hi bernadette..sorry if this is s double post but my 1st one didn't appear!

    I've started juicing most days and I add chlorella powder to the juice. Is this ok and is the powder ok?
    Also I'd love to take wheatgrass but only have a powdered this is ok or do I need fresh?

    I feel great on juices but struggle massively with cravings..hoping they'll go!

    Thanks x

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